BLIC 6. VIII 2013.

blic 6 8 2013 prvi parastos streljanima 1917 sveta mirkovic

PETROVAC NA MLAVI - On the site of Karaula, on the border of the villages Knezica and Ranovac, the first parastose and the wreaths on the mound of firing hostages on August 17, 1917 were organized by the Diaspora and Nutrition Association from Ranovac.
In the dark night, Bulgarian occupiers shot at about seventy hostages from the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi, among them elderly, women and children.

They were brought under the pretext to lead them to prison in Vidin, but were killed and buried in the same tomb.
This crime was written and known very little, although Archiebald Rice, a representative of the State Commission of the Serbian Government in 1919, officially established the crime.
Sveta Mirkovic - Blic (2013)